Live the magic of the authentic Saint Jordi at Barcelona


Roses, books, sun and the sea. The Day of Saint Jordi is, perhaps, the most special and beautiful day for Barcelona and it’s people. The streets fill of roses an books and there is no space in the city where you can’t find a special feeling of  festivity and happiness. Men buy roses for women and women buy books for men and, together, enjoying the sun while they have a walk in such singular atmosphere.

Who was Saint Jordi? Counted and debated, Saint Jordi is the hero of the legend that explains that once upon a time, the village of Montblanc (Tarragona) was loomed by a terrific and blistering Dragon who demanded that every single day the village had to offer a person to feed him. One day, the next to be offered was the daughter of the king, and, when already she was to be devoured, a Knight named Jordi struggled against the dragon until he beat the beast. Of the blood spilled a gorgeous rose bush full of red roses grew there, then, the knight cut and gift one to the maiden.

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santjordiRekindle the legend at the most ancient streets of Barcelona. The day of Saint Jordi, the heart of Barcelona, the Old City, absorbs all this magic and uniqueness and, strolling around the narrow streets where you can feel those remote ages. Barcelona is the essence of  a past time still latent, full of facts and secrets waiting to be discovered. Buildings as special and spectacular as the Cathedral, Church of Santa María del Mar or Colón; Buildings as emblematic how the Liceu and the Palau de la Musica; arteries as international as Las Rambles of Barcelona or exquisite markets such as La Boqueria or Santa Caterina.

The best hotels where to live Saint Jordi. Barcelona has designed a big quantity of hotels where to enjoy and end the day. Hotels of wayward infrastructures and boasted that embroider the city and make you feel home, or so much the better.

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 Reserve your Hotel at Barcelona for Saint Jordi