Boutique hotels in Barcelona, buildings full of history and detail

The first boutique hotels began appearing in the 1980s in global cities like London, San Francisco or New York. Their decisive expansion was in the late 1990s, when some establishments decided that they wanted to be different from the big chain hotels with standard services. In contrast, the first boutique hotels wanted to show their particular style and individual character.

Some characteristics of boutique hotels are their customized service; their beautiful architecture, design and intimate decoration; and their situation: they are always located in urban and cosmopolitan cities and towns.


Boutique hotels are ideal for demanding travelers who are seeking a different experience without sacrificing functionality. Instead of being treated as costumers, they feel like special guests!

Barcelona is full of charming boutique hotels that will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding visitors. Some of them are located in beautiful and historical buildings, with an interesting past and full of details. Have you ever heard about the most popular boutique hotels in Barcelona?

One of the most spectacular boutique hotels in Barcelona is Casa Fuster. Classified as a 5 star Deluxe Landmark, Casa Fuster is a modernist building designed by the famous architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner in 1908. As a hotel, it has preserved the front of building and its modernist interior design, providing an amazing view of Passeig de Gràcia and of the whole city.

Hotel 1898 is another example of a boutique hotel in a charming building. The old Philippines Tobacco Company edifice, located in the heart of Barcelona, was converted into this colonial-style hotel, where past and present coexist in harmony.


Another charming hotel is Hotel Neri. It takes its name from the place where it is situated: Plaça Sant Felip Neri, the most romantic square in Barcelona. The baroque church in this square, built in 1752, keeps in its facade the memories of the Spanish Civil War, when it was hit by a bomb. The hotel occupies a luxurious palace that elegantly combines the past with contemporary services.

Do: Plaça Reial is another example: a Grand Luxe hotel in Plaça Reial. It occupies a beautiful old building from 1856, that was completely renovated in 2011.

Finally, the last example of a beautiful boutique hotel in Barcelona: Granados 83. Located in an old hospital from the last century, it is decorated with a Nouveau Art Decó Style. A daring hotel, only suitable for bohemian and adventurous sybarites.

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