5 reasons to choose Barcelona as your holiday destination this 2015

Spring is here! When the weather is good, we all want to go out for a walk, travel and see the world. And we start to think about our next travel destination for this 2015.

For Easter, summer or a short break, Barcelona is a good option. Do you want to know the reasons?

A multi-faceted destination

Barcelona is full of attractions, with options for everyone: architecture lovers, fashion addicts, beaches enthusiasts, “foodies”, culture and museums fans, sports maniacs… This wide range of things to do makes Barcelona a versatile city, suitable to all types of tourists. We are sure you will find your Barcelona.

TB_0026Events and festivals

Almost every day of the year an special event or festival is planned in the city. You cannot miss some Catalan traditional expressions, like castellers (human towers), gegants (giants, big humanoid figures), processions or correfocs (a street performance with people dressed as devils and lighting fireworks). Numerous cultural festivals of all types are happing all the time in the city: in concert halls, stadiums, outdoor spaces… Enjoy music, theatre, circus, dance, cinema and all cultural expressions in Barcelona.


The food is one of the main attractions of Barcelona. Catalan and Spanish cuisine is so diverse. Anyway, traditional food is not the only one you can find in this city. There are all sorts of cuisines, from Japanese to Mexican, Italian, Greek, Thai, Chinese, French, Ethiopian… among others. There are a lot of famous and recognised restaurants, too, some of them with Michelin starts. Enjoy the occasion to try new gastronomic experiences.


Barcelona is a city that suits all budgets: from luxury accommodation to cheap hotels in Barcelona. You can find inexpensive ways to visit the city, taking advantage of all the free events and the public transportation that operates during all the day, for example. Compared to other European cities, in this sense Barcelona is an adaptable town.


In general, sunny days are the dominant note of the weather in Barcelona. There are a lot of probabilities to find good climatic conditions in the city, even in winter. That helps to extend the idea that Barcelona is the ideal holiday destination for all seasons of the year. And it is true!

Are you convinced that choosing Barcelona is a wise decision yet? If you need some information about accommodation in Barcelona, visit our booking website.