8 must see Gaudí buildings in Barcelona


Barcelona is a well-known destination among travelers who love architecture, and part of this fascination is due to a single architect named Antoni Gaudí, and the Modernist movement that he exemplifies. If you are one of these architecture lovers or if you simply want to enjoy the city, do not miss these Gaudí buildings.

Sagrada Família. The most famous of Gaudí’s works, and one of the top attractions of Barcelona. This church was started in 1882, and more than 130 years later, it is still under construction. However, it is worth visiting it, and climbing one of its towers to see an amazing view of the city. There are a lot of hotels in its neighbourhood; if you want to book in a hotel near Sagrada Família, you can visit our booking website.


Casa Batlló. It is one of the famous buildings located in Passeig de Gràcia, the modernist road par excellence. Like some other residential houses designed by Gaudí in this area, Casa Batlló was both praised and criticized at the same time. Nowadays, it is a real treasure for the city. During the summer, the Dragon Roof Terrace becomes a cool scenery that combines live music and gastronomy.

Park Güell. A big city park that offers an interesting mix of nature, buildings and urban furniture, the last two designed by Gaudí and built between 1900 and 1914 using the well-known technique “trencadís” (a combination of irregular ceramic pieces). A must if you want to introduce yourself into Modernism.

La Pedrera. Its real name is “Casa Milà”, in honor of its developer, Pere Milà; but “La Pedrera” (the quarry) is its popular name because the façade seems an undulating stone. In fact, all its structure and design is inspired by nature, and the roof is full of “warriors”: chimneys that seem guards.


Casa Vicens. It was Gaudí’s first important building, built between 1883 and 1888. Some people do not identify it as a work of this architect, and because of this, it is less visited than others. It exhibits several influences, such as Islamic architecture.

Palau Güell. It was the residence of the Güell family, patron to Antoni Gaudí. Even the façade does not seem from a Gaudí project, the interior and the roof is clearly of his style. Unlike some other Gaudí buildings, it is located in the old city centre, in El Raval neighbourhood.

Colònia Güell. This industrial colony, dedicated to textile industry, was built between 1890 and 1917. Among all the buildings designed by different architects, the crypt and the church were the work of Gaudí, and they are the main attractions of the enclosure. The colony is located in Santa Coloma de Cervelló, 15-20 km from Barcelona.

Colonia Güell

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