Charming boutique hotels in Barcelona


Barcelona, over the years, has become one of the most visited cities in the world. Its history, its secrets, its art, design and architecture and, not least, its hotels, offer the best of themselves and make the city unique and unrepeatable.

You will find unique hotels in Barcelona; from cheap guesthouses in the city center with charming atmosphere to deluxe hotels grown into modernist buildings of the early twentieth century. They are the ideal choice for enjoying the city with family or friends!

The boutique hotels in Barcelona seek excellence, no matter their category. Nice buildings, original interior design and customized service. A whole that makes guests feel special and unique.

In some of them, we can find real historical gems of the city, such as the Hotel España, where we can enjoy haute cuisine surrounded of murals modernists, the Mercer Hotel Barcelona where the ancient walls hide old Roman interior corridors or Neri Hotel, where walls can see the scars of the Spanish Civil War.

Likewise, in Barcelona there many budget accommodations with charming atmosphere.

An example of this is the Praktik Garden hotel, which seems like a great garden. Plants surprise the visitor both outside and inside the hotel and even the staff wears a red apron that completes the feeling of being in a flowershop .

Another example is the Generator Barcelona, located in the popular Gracia quarter, which has interior decoration materials and objects from Els Encants (second hand market very famous in Barcelona) with comic pages on the walls and handmade paper lamps, done by a resident craftsman of the quarter.

These lamps imitate the streets decorations during “las fiestas de Gracia”, mainly done with recycled stuff.

We can also mention the Mirror hotel , where surprises its furniture, walls and white lighting or Anba Barcelona, with only four rooms… but a great four rooms!.

españaIn addition, many of these charming establishments have restaurants where you can discover Catalan cuisine with modern touches, with panoramic terraces with pool and an exceptional location, providing accommodation near the most emblematic places of Barcelona.

In, you can find all these charming hotels in Barcelona.