8 must see Gaudí buildings in Barcelona


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Barcelona is a well-known destination among travelers who love architecture, and part of this fascination is due to a single architect named Antoni Gaudí, and the Modernist movement that he exemplifies. If you are one of these architecture lovers or … Continue reading

Sagrada Família: the most iconic attraction in Barcelona

Sagrada Família is the most iconic building in Barcelona, and a worldwide symbol of the city. Like Tour Eiffel in Paris, Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Statue of Liberty in New York and Big Ben in London, Sagrada Família has become the most universal known attraction of Barcelona and an essential part of its skyline.

Sagrada Família is located near the city centre, in a district called Eixample, and in the administrative neighborhood of Sagrada Família. The complete name of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família (Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family), and it is a big Roman Catholic church. It is considerate a minor basilica, to differentiate it from the Barcelona Cathedral.

Hoteles-sagrada-familia-BarcelonaThe first shocking fact about Sagrada Família is that it is unfinished. Its construction began in 1882, following the original design of Antoni Gaudí, a brilliant and worldwide known modernist architect. He designed a lot of buildings, most of them in Barcelona, which are visited by a lot of tourists every year: La Pedrera (Casa Milà), Casa Batlló, Park Güell, Palau Güell… But Sagrada Família was his masterpiece. He spent more than 40 years working on it, the last years of his life were exclusively dedicated to the temple. Nearly 90 years after Gaudí’s death, Sagrada Família is still in progress. It will finally be completed in 2026, after 150 years in construction, only interrupted by the Spanish Civil War.

Spectacular architecture, nature and religion join together in Sagrada Família. When completed, the church will have three main façades: the Nativity façade (the only one finished by Antoni Gaudí himself), the Passion façade and the Glory façade (the last one that will be built in the future). All of them are full of scenes, details… typical from Gaudí’s architecture. The interior of the temple is also inimitable: full of light and color, very different from other churches and their dark interiors. The views from the towers are worth visiting, too. From their top visitors can see the whole city.

21More than three million people visit Sagrada Família every year. Tourists are the main visitors, but a lot of architects and students visit the temple, too. Tickets can be bought in the ticket windows, but online too. Buying them previously through the Internet is a very recommendable way to avoid queues.

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