The best markets in Barcelona


Among all the things that can be done in Barcelona during a trip, visiting its markets can be one of the most exciting ones. Maybe some of them are not the first recommended attractions in touristic guides, but they say more about the city and its inhabitants than the well-known ones. Do you want to know more about them?

Food markets

Barcelona has near 40 food markets. It is one of the few cities in the world to have at least one food market in every neighbourhood. As well as a way to promote healthy life, most of them are located in old renovated buildings and reflect the history of the city and its daily life.


The best know of Barcelona’s markets is La Boqueria, situated in Les Rambles. Even it is crowded of tourists, and its shops have changed a lot during the last years and adapted to visitors, La Boqueria is full of life, experience and history. Its visit is a must.

Santa Caterina is probably the second best know market in Barcelona. It is located between El Born, the trendy neighbourhood, and the cathedral, and it attracts attention because of its contemporary roof, full of colourful mosaics. Inside the market there is a restaurant that offers quality local food and recipes. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy it!


La Llibertat, in the cool neighbourhood of Gràcia, is another recommendable food market of Barcelona. Gràcia was an independent village since 1897, and it stills preserves its small-town spirit. Immersing yourself in this market can be a way to live as a local for a while.

La Concepció, Sant Antoni, El Ninot, El Clot… they are only some of the markets you can visit during your trip to Barcelona.. Enjoy them and their food!

Flea markets

There is a flea market that stands out among all others: Els Encants. It is one of Barcelona’s oldest markets, and it contains everything you can imagine (clothes, furniture, books…) specially second hand and antique items, although some new things are sold there too, at low prices. Now it is located under a modern roof, in a semi-outdoor space, but it used to be in another place since 2013. You cannot miss it.


If you prefer to focus on antique fairs and shops, we recommend to visit the market located in Plaça de la Seu (in front of the cathedral), open every day during the summer, but only Thursdays during the rest of the year. Its name is Mercat Gòtic d’Antiguitats.

Vintage and cool markets

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of markets focussed in vintage, cool and design in Barcelona. Designers, alternative brands and innovative shops are the majority of exhibitors in this kind of events, where trends like recycling, second-hand sale, craftwork and local production can be found everywhere. We specially recommend Palo Alto Market, The Lost & Found Market, or Mercantic, among others.

Related with them, we recommend some street-food markets, too. Eat Street or SoundEAT! can be good examples, or Van Van Market, where a lot of food trucks offer high quality meals.


If you are planning to visit Barcelona, we recommend previously searching on the Internet which markets are going to take place during that days, because some of them are not stable.

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